Fidelix Products FX-3000-X


Fidelix FX-3000-X Building Automation System Controller 

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The FX-3000-X offers comprehensive solutions for building technology management, combining flexibility, performance, and ease of use into one powerful package. 

This FX-3000-X is a Linux-based, highly versatile central unit for building automation that is freely programmable by the user. It offers communication between devices using Modbus and M-Bus protocols on the serial bus, as well as UDP and TCP protocols over the network. 

User-Friendly and Modern

The built-in web server and modern user interface ensure smooth operation of the device. Additionally, the Fidelix FX-Editor software facilitates quick and efficient implementation and management of customer-specific projects. 

Advanced Connectivity Features 

The central unit features an integrated 4-port router with WiFi and TOSIBOX® Readiness, which provides a simple and secure way to establish a remote connection to the central unit.

Easy to scale 

The central unit can be easily connected to the FdxCompact series modules via the included DIN-rail-mounted T-Bus base connector. The connector provides the modules with operating voltage and the Modbus serial bus. 

Thanks to its versatile features, extensive connectivity, and compact size, the FX-3000-X is the ultimate multi-functional tool for building technology management. 





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