Fidelix Property life cycle EcoSmart

Intelligent solution for saving energy and ensuring high-quality indoor climate.

Increase the value of your property and optimize its operating costs.

EcoSmart increases the comfort of use and living, makes technical maintenance more efficient, helps to optimize energy consumption – and pays itself back surprisingly fast.

In Finland, heating costs are among the highest fixed costs of a building. Heating problems lead to large variations in the indoor temperatures of rooms in a property. According to research by Motiva, as many as 75% of residential buildings involve unnecessary energy consumption for this reason.

By correcting imbalances in a property’s heating management and avoiding overheating, savings of up to 20% in energy costs can easily be achieved.

An EcoSmart property monitors itself and adjusts its building technology automatically, in line with changing conditions.

With the help of Fidelix EcoSmart artificial intelligence, building technology is optimally adjusted at all times. This leads to direct cost savings and much higher comfort for the residents and users of a building. For this reason, the Fidelix EcoSmart is a sensible choice for a property owner.

The artificial intelligence system guarantees the correct adjustment and optimization of building technology

EcoSmart rakennushahmotelma

Real-time weather forecast data helps to anticipate changing conditions


Uses electrical appliances as a heat source


Utilizes the mass of the building as a heat reservoir


Takes account of actual indoor conditions (temperatures and concentrations)


Maximizes the benefits of heat recovery from ventilation


Monitors the building technology and reports the need for maintenance automatically

EcoSmart is an intelligent, economical solution that increases the comfort of use and living.

The EcoSmart system’s functioning is based on data gathered from a network and the resulting mathematical calculations, following a programmable model. This intelligent system anticipates changes in weather conditions and learns how the property reacts and adapts to conditions when the cooling, heating or ventilation is adjusted. This allows inhabitants to enjoy optimal indoor conditions at all times.

EcoSmart’s automation makes technical maintenance carefree.

An EcoSmart property monitors itself and adjusts its building technology automatically, in line with changing conditions. Manual adjustments or programming are no longer required. You are also immediately notified of any fault situations.

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EcoSmart’s savings potential of property’s heating energy cost.

EcoSmart helps to cut the heating costs of a property by up to 20%.

EcoSmart allows you to achieve immediate heating energy cost savings of 10 to 20 per cent on the average. The system’s artificial intelligence uses a mathematical model combining data gathered from the property network and a real-time weather forecast. Based on these calculations, the cooling, heating and ventilation of the property are adjusted to anticipate changing conditions.

EcoSmart is a safe investment that pays itself back.

The 20% saving target realistically achievable with EcoSmart can even pay back the system’s deployment costs in as little as two or three months. The attached sample calculation shows the benefits achieved with EcoSmart in a property with a 9,500 m3.

Building RE office
Heated volume 9500 m3
Normalized annual energy consumption 497,5 MWh
Annual heating cost 30 785 € VAT 0%

Realized savings 20 %
Total savings:

99,50 MWh / p.a.
6157 € / p.a.

Payback period 0.3 years
Initial fee VAT 0 % 765 €
Monthly fee VAT 0 % 50 € / mo
Fidelix’s share 256,54 € / mo

How can I change my property into an intelligent EcoSmart property?

Existing properties

If the property is already included in the Fidelix system, just installing the software is enough. Otherwise, you should begin with a survey of the property’s building technology. In both cases, the road to intelligent energy saving begins with a survey visit made by our expert, free of charge. During the survey visit, our expert will gain familiarity with the site, calculate the savings potential of the property, and propose the required measures.

New construction

In new construction, we recommend integrating EcoSmart into the property during the design phase. Our experts will consult the designers about the most efficient solution implementation method. Contact us as early as possible to ensure the best possible end result.

Fidelix EcoSmart | Finland

EcoSmart helps meet saving targets in life-cycle construction

Using intelligent forecasting systems, construction companies can take on a decades-long responsibility for the property.