Fidelix Building automation

Fidelix Building automation

A powerful and scalable tool for the overall control of building technology.

Towards more powerful control of building technology.

The dependable and reliable Fidelix building automation system guarantees a long life cycle for buildings of all types and sizes. Our service concept is based on a single system that can be optimally managed.

Based on open interfaces, our system forms an easy-to-manage, compatible and energy-efficient building technology solution. Fidelix’s reliable and cost-effective system solution demonstrates the advanced nature of Finnish product development and project know-how.


Control and optimize – anywhere, any time

Our easy-to-use and purposeful system enables users to get the maximum benefit out of a system. Remote operation with a regular web browser avoids the need for investments in separate equipment or software. Depending on the need, data can be forwarded to several actors – at precisely the right time in every case.

Our user interfaces can be tailored to meet the needs of any customer. Our easy-to-use browser user interface guarantees high availability in all operating environments.

Our remote use options guarantee flexible system control and up-to-date information. The remote connection can be used from a computer or smart phone any time, anywhere. It also makes maintenance work easier and reduces maintenance costs.

Comprehensive energy efficiency

Our comprehensive and purpose-built solutions guarantee the efficient maintenance and monitoring of building technology. The automation system controls temperature, ventilation and lighting based on the need and circumstances. The system provides accurate, flexible and graphic use and consumption reports. This enables the timely detection of any problems and defects.

A well-functioning and carefully tuned building automation system can significantly improve energy efficiency – without compromising indoor conditions. A properly functioning building automation system functions unnoticed. Our system uses data to adjust building technology functions to the optimal level, enabling the achievement of major savings.

A comprehensive understanding of the needs of our customers inspired us to develop an open and generally compatible system. Our intelligent solutions and service concept are based on a single, easily manageable system, a clear and understandable user interface, and standardized technology.


Fidelix software

We have implemented over 10,000 renovation and new construction projects of different sizes, each of which has been individually tailored. Our systems can be found in locations such as residential and office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, warehouses, care homes, parking facilities and shopping centers.

Development work for the seamless integration of products by different manufacturers has long been one of the primary focus areas of our product development. This work has borne fruit: in our product range, you can find connection models – whose reliability has been tested in field conditions – that fit the products of hundreds of manufacturers.

Our building automation system brings building technology sensors, meters, actuators, controllers and safety systems into one, easy to manage whole. The Fidelix system is based on open standards, effectively enabling the combination of most other systems and devices into a single, unified whole.

Fidelix automaatioratkaisujen skaalautuvuus esimerkiksi sairaalassa.

Scalability: Our intelligent solutions adapt to a variety of needs

Thanks to their scalability, Fidelix solutions work flexibly in environments ranging from small buildings all the way up to major monitoring systems. The system can be utilized in both renovation and new construction projects. The Fidelix building automation system is extremely reliable. We guarantee a long life cycle for buildings of all types and sizes.

Fidelix customers include municipalities, cities, construction companies, property owners, property managers, building technology contractors, electrical designers, retailers – and all of us end users who benefit from good air quality, optimal temperatures and the right kind of lighting at home and in the workplace.

Fidelix building automation man performing maintenance work

Life cycle thinking

We take care of our customers 24/7

We are a Finnish, local expert. Our experts offer comprehensive support and maintenance services. We complete our projects with flying colors. Our product development guarantees that our systems are developed and tailored to meet customer needs. Our status as a domestic and local company guarantees flexibility.

Our dependable network of retailers and regional offices provides wide-ranging assistance to customers all over Finland. It is important to the functionality of a property that the operating condition of its systems is ensured throughout its life cycle. If necessary, our knowledgeable customer support will provide assistance in the deployment of the system over a remote connection or on site.

If necessary, Maintenance will take care of system maintenance. We will regularly monitor the status of the system, ensure its functionality and, based on the monitoring data, make improvement proposals and provide guidance on the system’s use.

Our training sessions have also been popular. During the system deployment phase, the customers receive basic training familiarizing themselves with using the system. We arrange training sessions around the year.

“A strong demonstration of the advanced nature of Finnish product development and project know-how.”

Building isometric grayscale render of a hospital in Espoo.


Espoo Hospital

The extensive Espoo Hospital project featured a large number of devices and systems to be controlled and connected. Strong expertise was required in order to connect the building automation systems to other systems over communications buses.