Fidelix Company FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Fidelix

Building automation is the core of our business. We began building the best possible building automation system in 2002, and we are still making progress in our mission. In addition to hardware and building automation contracting, a large share of our business consists of services, solutions and software.

Fidelix’s smarts are down to several different factors. When you need to develop building automation suitable for the harsh Nordic weather conditions, it is smart to do it here in Finland. It is smart to reduce resource wastage and optimise resource consumption in building maintenance.

We also think it is smart that our system is easy to update throughout the building’s life cycle and that the system is compatible with devices from as many different manufacturers as possible. It also feels smart to break down data into a form that everyone can understand.

Similarly, it is smart to be aware that we will need to be even smarter tomorrow.

Very good question! We are always looking for smart people to join our team. See if you are suitable by taking our playful recruitment test, or skip straight to the list of vacant positions.

People ask us this every day. The origin of the name is the Latin word fidelis, which means reliable.