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Our story began in a small Finnish garage in 2002, when a group of likeminded individuals decided to realise their passion for making buildings smarter.

Our passion still burns bright, and our little pioneer has grown into a leading force in smart building automation and indoor climate control in the Nordics. Today, we are part of an international group of specialist building maintenance companies, and this group is also the home of every Fidelix employee.

While many things may have changed over the years, Fidelix’s spirit remains as strong as ever. We never hesitated to tackle even the toughest challenges when we were starting out, and we certainly aren’t afraid of them today. Our determination is our driving force.

Our attitude is what makes us proud to call ourselves a part of Fidelix. We like getting things done. We have the freedom to do our job in the best way possible. We make bold moves and stand tall behind our decisions.

Things we are proud of

We like getting things done.

We have the freedom to do our job in the best way possible.

We make bold moves and stand tall behind our decisions.

What our employees say

Fidelix has always experienced great changes. There were only a few dozen of us at the beginning, and now we’re in the hundreds! And as we’ve developed as a company, we’ve also taken our field forward. Our story is still ongoing, and I can’t think of a top moment since the best is yet to come!

Fidelix’s history is an interesting one. We created the first-ever smart building automation controller, and in 2006 we introduced our first touchscreen-powered controller.

I’m proud of the fact that I can be part of a company that focuses on smart solutions. My customers tell me that our systems are easy to use and super functional. In fact, some of our customers will only consider Fidelix systems when they’re planning their projects!

Fidelix is agile. Our focus is on finding great solutions fast and making them a reality. Here, people can decide how they work, as long as they get the job done.

Fidelix trusts its employees, and this trust makes everyone more effective at what they do.

We can have an impact on some really big questions and make a difference in the wellbeing of thousands and thousands of lives.

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What do the employees say?

We like getting things done

We take great professional pride in the way we have propelled Fidelix forward on its twenty-plus-year journey. We do what we say we’re going to do – and we always stay true to our word.

We must have done something right along the way, as, time and time again, our customers continue to place their trust in the quality of our work. We have had the privilege of participating in the construction of Espoo Hospital, the Mall of Tripla in Pasila, the Ring Rail Line, as well as the Turning Torso, which is the tallest building in the Nordics.

We let our professionals do the best work they can, and we always see things through.
Our employees can feel proud when they wear their Fidelix vests, as they know that they represent the best of the best when it comes to smart building automation. And we can proudly state that we’ve developed some of the smartest solutions in our sector, right here in our headquarters. Our people never have to make educated guesses, since they can always call our own R&D experts.

We have the freedom to do our job in the best way possible

We are all guided by a common goal. We believe that our people are the best experts in the field. We work independently, but we never work alone.

We give our people a great deal of freedom to plan their schedules, prepare their projects, and solve any problems that come their way.

Our work is not easy, and sometimes urgency requires adjusting our priorities. But our shared operating models help us plan our work well, and we expect our work to be as flexible as our employees.

We don’t believe in focusing solely on the same types of projects; we want to realise our employees’ true potential. We provide opportunities for growth, both for budding experts and seasoned pros. Some of our employees have come to head new offices as their lives have taken them to other cities, and some have even changed careers within Fidelix.

We make bold moves and stand tall behind our decisions

Our hard work has rocketed us to the top of our field, and we aren’t planning on slowing down. Our work is doing its part to combat climate change, and we know that the fight is far from over.

Our goal is to make buildings smarter. Our smart solutions optimise energy efficiency and indoor climate conditions, helping buildings become carbon neutral. And the growth that we and our field have experienced is proof that there is still plenty of work to be done.

We have faced our fair share of challenges, but we’re bound together by our willingness to develop and grow. Our field continues to develop at an incredible rate, so there’s never a dull day at the office; when you master one thing, two new things crop up in its place. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.