Fidelix is a pioneer in smart
building automation and indoor climate control

We pay close attention to buildings and their occupants, and we develop technology that seeks to improve indoor climates, optimise energy consumption, extend the life cycles of buildings and make building ownership easier and more profitable.

It’s smart. It’s Fidelix.

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Fidelix takes your BMS business to the next level. With our versatile components and service, you can be sure that your building automation projects with system integrations will go smoothly.

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Do you know how to interpret all of the data that can be obtained from buildings?
Harness the power of machine learning!

Fidelix Flow_how converts the enormous volumes of data generated by building automation into valuable information for owners and maintenance operators.


Smarter heating with hybrid heating solutions


Fidelix supplies flexible building automation in Tripla


Technology that makes buildings smart – New FDX Compact series.


What makes Fidelix smart? Five facts about Fidelix building automation.