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OEM-Custom solutions by Fidelix

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Unlock exceptional value

  • Innovation at your fingertips: with our adaptable solutions, innovate like never before. Open up possibilities for your future growth.
  • Achieve efficiency you didn’t know was possible: harness our products’ high-performance capabilities to drive down costs and maintain quality and compliance.
  • Gain a long-term partner: benefit from the strengths that only come from a long-term partnership, and get world-class support from our experts.

Stay solution-centric—leave the nitty gritty to us

  • Pre-programming services: we pre-program our FX-SC units with device-specific information for seamless setup and operation.
  • Automation consulting: our experts will work with you to identify automation opportunities and provide tailored solutions.
  • Customer support: our dedicated team is available to assist with your queries and provide necessary support.
  • Maintenance reminders: we help you maintain the efficiency of your devices with customisable cleaning reminders.

Let´s find YOU a solution!

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Get advanced products tailored to your needs

  • FDX Compact: Flexibility and adaptability to meet your unique requirements with our highly customisable FDX Compact. Learn more.
  • Controllers: Experience maximum compatibility and fast configuration with our versatile controllers. Learn more.
  • I/O Modules: Connect, measure, and control signals with our I/O Modules offering flexibility and compatibility. Learn more.
  • FDX Cloud: Take control and gain insights with our cloud-based Building Management System. Learn more.

Mastering OEM Solutions with Expertise and Know-How

Read more on how we helped Jeven, a leading supplier of industrial kitchen ventilation systems, to overcome challenges in heat recovery from kitchen exhaust systems by delivering an innovative, smart control system. Discover the Jeven Story and similar stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions.

Take advantage of our resources and insights

Navigate through the dynamic landscape of automation with our comprehensive resources. Stay informed, up-to-date, and ready to take on the future with the latest insights and innovations from the Fidelix team.

  • Overcoming your system constraints: maximising operational efficiency through automation
  • Fidelix’s programmable controllers: get better energy efficiency with smarter controls
  • The latest in automation innovation: what you can achieve with the newest technology
  • The benefits of scalable and flexible automation technology

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