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Zaman and Fidelix: Hotel in Antwerp Got a Made-to-Measure HVAC Installation and Maintenance

Fidelix and Zaman are working together in Antwerp, Belgium, for the installation and maintenance of the HVAC system and sanitary installation of at a hotel construction. The building was previously used as an office space and is now being converted to a full-service hotel. Total value of the HVAC and sanitary system is approximately 1.5 million Euros.

Zaman is a professional installation and maintenance company of HVAC systems and sanitary installations. They operate mainly in the professional and industrial market designing and building technical installations, which create healthy working and living environment for all. Thanks to their comprehensive concept, years of experience and countless in-house specialists, they can offer their customers the very best in the HVAC system and sanitary installations market.

Zaman believes in Fidelix’s system and the company’s strategy

Zaman and Fidelix have previous experience in working together in smaller-size projects.

The personal contact with Mr. Reinout Ederveen at Fidelix is great. We got to know the components and the way of working on these smaller projects and decided to give a larger project a chance because we believe in the system and the company’s strategy” states Zaman Yves & Co’s Business Unit Manager, Mr. Yves De Permentier.

Fidelix solution fits Zaman’s client’s requirements

Zaman needed a partner that could deliver a solution for the hotel with following criteria:

  • The solution needed be easily changed and modified in case the client lifted any options for connection of the HVAC system to other building systems (alarm, access, windows/screens etc.).
  • The solution allowed easy integration to several stand-alone units (AHU, chillers etc.).
  • The solution needed to be able to automate the HVAC system in a clear way.
  • The solution allowed remote access.
  • The solution could be visually tailored for the client.

“Fidelix was pleased to tick all the boxes and was chosen to assist in writing programs, commissioning and on-site testing (SAT). Fidelix also assisted with installing, and will help Zaman with the follow-up after the project finishes.”

Seamless collaboration and communication are key

“Collaboration with Fidelix has been great. The response time is excellent, the communication is clear. We also like the way Fidelix is positioned in the Belgian market as a free and scalable solution”, Mr. Yves de Permentier adds.

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