Fidelix References The airport ring rail line


The airport ring rail line

Fidelix automates the Ring Rail Line to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

With a total cost of over € 700 million, the Ring Rail is the largest construction project in Vantaa’s history. The track project opened a long-awaited rail link to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. At the same time, the line will allow the construction of numerous new residential areas.

Fidelix has contracted the building automation and smoke extraction system for the Ring Road. Fidelix accounted for a total of 8 kilometers of underground railway tunnel, 3 train stations and 2 station reservations. Underground conditions made the project more challenging.

The ring rail line

  • 18 kilometers long railway line connecting Vantaankoski railway through the airport to the main railway line in Hiekkaharju, Vantaa
  • traffic began in July 2015