Fidelix References Teslandi

Teslandi’s zero-energy business units, powered by Fidelix

Nico van Dijk is a well-seasoned Dutch entrepreneur. As the co-owner of, he oversees the building of energy concepts in which the storage of energy, particularly renewable energy, plays a big role.

“A few years ago, we constructed a 42-unit zero-energy construction for a developer called E-Unit, which serves businesses in Rijnpark Arnhem. Around that time, I met the Fidelix guys at a tradeshow, and was introduced to their measuring solutions, which looked very nice.”

Teslandi’s E-Unit is covered by some 2,600 solar panels on the rooftop, and 306 solar panels are set vertically on the south end of the building. In addition, there is a water reservoir that works as a source of both heating during the winter months, and cooling during the summer season. Heat is recycled on the spot, and a solar plant produces surplus energy.

“We lacked a way of remotely reading the consumption data on the electricity, water and heating for each of the business units rented to various users. Fidelix had a solution for both gathering data from various sources and processing it via a user-interface to get the needed information for invoicing purposes.”

Fidelix hardware and software solution

The Fidelix and Teslandi contract addressed everything, from choosing case-specific hardware, through installation of devices, to programming the entire system. Fidelix-branded FX controllers are compatible with other BMS brands. The installation work was preceded by only locating the cables of various energy measuring devices.

Fidelix staff programmed the FX controllers to read all relevant data and collect all of it in the SCADA. Following this, the low-level serial communication was scaled up into the Fidelix webVision software, which offers a browser-based user-interface that enables grouping and selecting data per business unit, time, or both.

As a result, daily, weekly, and monthly data can be selected for any and all preferred business units to produce easy-to-understand invoices for the business unit tenants. “We are very pleased with how everything worked with Fidelix, and look forward to more joint projects in the near future,” concludes van Dijk.