Fidelix References HUS Bridge Hospital


HUS Bridge Hospital

Reliability of building automation plays a critical role in a hospital environment

Completed in the Meilahti hospital area, the Bridge Hospital is the largest construction project to date in the history of HUS. Building automation ensures optimal conditions even in demanding treatment facilities.

The new Bridge Hospital will replace the operations of the former Töölö Hospital and a part of the Department of Oncology. The hospital’s building automation is handled by Fidelix’s system.

In a hospital, the required standard of performance of a building automation system is significantly higher than that of a conventional property. The system plays an important role in regulating the conditions in treatment facilities and ensuring the operation of equipment,

Juha Nurkkala, HVAC Specialist at HUS

In a hospital environment, various pressure controls, temperature changes and ventilation require special attention. “The right kind of conditions have a direct impact on the recovery of patients. In the operating room, for example, proper pressure control and good ventilation ensure the cleanliness of air,” says Nurkkala. “The controlling systems must operate without interruption.”

According to Nurkkala, good building automation also plays a key role in increasing the hospital’s energy efficiency. Temperatures can always be adjusted as needed, and waste energy can be recovered. A good control system saves in energy costs.

A flexible system stands the test of time

In addition to the price, the choice of building automation system for the Bridge Hospital was influenced by factors such as ease of use, dependability and reliability of the system. SRV, the main contractor in the project, has confidence in Fidelix’s system.

“Due to its modularity, Fidelix’s building automation system is flexible and can be easily expanded and modified cost-effectively in the future. It is a clear and user-friendly solution,” says Juha Lundell, Building Systems Coordinator at SRV. “Fidelix’s system satisfies all the criteria for good building automation.”

“We wanted to get the latest technology for the project, both in terms of automation and equipment. Cooperation with Fidelix worked perfectly,” says Jani Mäkelä, Building Systems Manager at SRV.

Cooperation guarantees success

The Bridge Hospital is a huge project even by Fidelix’s standards, being the company’s second largest project to date. “If two substations are needed for an ordinary apartment building, then here we installed 92 of them. This says something about the scope of the project,” say project managers Jyri Junno and Max Lysti, who were primarily responsible for the project at Fidelix.

The technically demanding project succeeded beyond expectations: the budget was underrun, the schedule was met, and the standard of workmanship is commendable.

“Fidelix and their subcontractors convinced us with their professionalism and proactive approach. We got everything in one go. We are really pleased with the outcome,”

Juha Nurkkala