Fidelix Products FX-WMBUS-OD-PIR

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Wireless M-Bus Occupancy Sensor (PIR)

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The occupancy detector from Fidelix is a sensor that detect motions and alerts when a motion is detected using PIR technology. The occupancy device is a plug-and-play that is mounted in a meeting room or any other place where there is a need to know if there are peoples present in the room/location in order to control light/ventilation of for example statistical usage. The device is small and discrete and blend nicely in any office or home environment.

The internal radio antenna is optimized for 868Mhz and is tuned for mounting on concrete, wood or plaster. Each device has two antennas in each direction to maximize the range between the meter and the collectors. The device keep track on the time the device has been active and when the device has been active during the expected lifetime of the device a low level warning is issued. The run time is included as a data record in the MBUS telegram. Advanced analog and digital signal algorithms makes sure that only valid motions trigger alarms.

Occupancy Sensor (PIR)

  • Designed for indoor use
  • Temperature range: -10..32°C
  • Wide view IR motion sensor with 4 mirror elements for long and accurate detection
  • The detection range is up 12 meters with 110° and will also detect small movements
  • Dimensions: 58,9 x 100 x 30,5 mm
  • Power supply: 2 x 3.6V – A battery
  • 120 sec interval, but send message as soon as a motion is detected
  • OMS standard wireless M-Bus



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