Fidelix Products COMBI-36

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Combined I/O module, 20 inputs, 16 outputs.

Combined I/O module, 20 inputs, 16 outputs

Connect, measure and control

The 36 channel combination module is our most used module for multiple automation purposes. Combining the speed and precision of our four dedicated modules, the COMBI-36 offers enough connectors to be used for instance as the sole I/O-interface in a junction box to connect machines in a different room, or the ideal quantity distribution of I/O-points to use in any substation cabinet.Connect the module to one of our outstations to get reliable and fast readings, and assure a precise control of your field equipment.

This module communicates using Modbus RTU over and RS485 connection, making it also ideally suited for use as an extension module to each, every, and any third party BMS controller.



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