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FDX Compact Visio-10-C

10.1” touchscreen interface for FX-controller

This 10.1” touch screen display is the easiest way to consult your BMS.
Installed onto the door of the FX-SPIDER-40/10 or onto a wall, the VISIO-10-C is used to visualize and control the FX-SPIDER-40/10 controller. VISIO-10-C can also be installed onto the door of an automation cabinet and used to access FX- controller or any other TCP/IP connected device on the same network.
Providing easy access and a fast and secure connection to the controllers, the display is the perfect way to facilitate maintenance or support personnel in their handling with the building’s systems.
Running on a familiar Android environment, all will naturally feel the display with ease and comfort.

Download datasheet: EN | SE | FI

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