Intelligent solution for saving energy and ensuring high-quality indoor climate.

Increase the value of your property and optimize its operating costs: With the help of Fidelix EcoSmart artificial intelligence, building technology is optimally adjusted at all times. This leads to direct cost savings and much higher comfort for the residents and users of a building.  And pays itself back surprisingly fast.

Measures, controls and optimizes – by far the easiest IoT solution to use

Smart IoT is a cost-effective IoT system developed by Fidelix for the easy control of equipment over an information network.
With Fidelix Smart IoT, devices connect automatically to the Fidelix cloud platform. This solution can be used to control practically any device with a bus connection.

Data-based insight into property management.

Fidelix Flow_how meets the challenges of modern property ownership by combining smart building automation and machine learning to support responsible and profitable property ownership. Fidelix Flow_how is a software application that relies on machine learning. Easy to use, it helps the user harness the huge volume of data generated by building automation into an easy and illustrative form so that owners and maintenance personnel can rely on it for their decisions.

Have a professional monitor the building technology of your property remotely.

Fidelix Remote Monitoring brings a Fidelix building technology expert to your service. Remote monitoring involves a building technology professional remotely operating the building technology of a property, optimizing energy consumption, analyzing the functionality of processes and, if necessary, reacting to fault situations.

The easiest user interface for your home.

Fidelix home automation combines the various building technology systems of your home into a single, clear user interface. You can easily control and monitor building technology on a touch screen. Home automation tailored for your home increases living comfort, energy efficiency and safety.

Move your building technology to the cloud – cost-effectively.

Fidelix Cloud Interface makes real-time data on your property available, without expensive investments in equipment. Implemented using the SaaS (’Software as a Service’) principle, Fidelix Cloud Interface provides you with remote management of building technology without the operating and maintenance costs of equipment and systems.

Fair and real-time water metering

Apartment-specific water metering can be easily connected to the Fidelix building automation system. This is a fair and equal way of monitoring a property’s water consumption and dividing up the costs.

A powerful and scalable tool for the overall control of building technology.

The dependable and reliable Fidelix building automation system guarantees a long life cycle for buildings of all types and sizes. Our service concept is based on a single system that can be optimally managed.

Anticipate the future and minimize the risks of building technology.

Leave Fidelix Maintenance to do the worrying. Fidelix has been developing and manufacturing building technology equipment and systems in Finland since 2002. Over the years, we have learned a huge amount about building technology and its behavior in Finnish conditions. Fidelix Maintenance leverages this knowledge.