Fidelix Products FX-WMBUS-RX4-M-LR-A1-X

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Wireless M-BUS Repeater (230VAC 2SMA IP40)

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The mains powered FX-WMWUS-R4-M-LR-Ax-X is a wireless MBUS repeater mounted with AC/DC adapter in combined enclosure. The device is a plug-and-play and highly configurable repeater for extending the range between meters and a collector/gateway. The enclosure is chosen to make the repeater as discrete as possible.

Once a minute a packet is sent from the repeater and contains information about the repeater, such as number of routed packets and software version. The packet is also used for time synchronizing between repeaters in a multihop system. Furthermore, this packet can be used as an indication that the device is up and running.

The repeater do have industrial grade immune to electrical disturbances that could be generated by, for example, LED-lights in buildings.



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