multiDISPLAY Hand Panel

Ручная панель multiDISPLAY
Сенсорный экран диагональю 3,5 дюйма, Modbus с разъемом RJ25

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Local control and consulting
The primary usage of the multiDISPLAY is as room panel in hotels, apartments and private homes. However, the embedded modbus capabilities and processor enable the multiDISPLAY to also be used as an operating terminal for other applications. That is why we developed the handheld version of our multiDISPLAY, with the same capabilities as the room panel version, but with an RJ12 socket and cable, and a more robust encasing. Connect the multiDISPLAY to one of our multi-24 modules, and use the handheld multiDISPLAY to quickly view history data or change settings for setups where constant user input is unwanted or unnecessary.Create your own graphics with our graphics editor to measure, control or simply consult virtually any application or system you connect the display to. You can add your companies or the building owner’s logo to the freely editable graphics you make for the display to give it a unique look and feel.

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