Fidelix Multi-24 room controller

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Process controller with 24 I/O-connection points; Modbus slave and master simultaneously

Program, connect, measure and control

The multi24 is a controller that can be used for numerous applications, such as hotel rooms, district heating or small ventilation systems. The module’s CPU runs its code independently, enabling swift and accurate reactions to changing measurements. Programmed using the international standard IEC 61131-3, the multi24 can be used as a stand-alone controller, or the module can be connected via Modbus RTU to a building management system to receive settings and commands, or send out alarms or other data. The internal Flash memory of the module makes sure all data is saved even during power or communication interruptions. The controller can also simultaneously act as Modbus master for intelligent local sensors or terminals, like the Fidelix Modbus multiDisplay. Additionally, the multi24 can be equipped with an enocean transceiver to connect wireless sensors and actuators.

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