Expert maintenance for
building automation and safety systems.

It is important to the functionality of a property that the operating condition of its systems is ensured throughout its life cycle. Expert maintenance prevents problems and minimizes service outages.

Fidelix has been developing and manufacturing building automation equipment and systems in Finland since 2002. Over the years, we have learned a lot about building technology and its behavior in challenging Finnish conditions.

Fidelix Maintenance leverages this knowledge. By making a property maintenance agreement with us, you can avoid unpleasant and expensive downtime on your property. You can also better anticipate the future and keep to your operating budget.

We provide highly professional maintenance for substation, control room and field equipment, and offer on-call services. Fidelix Maintenance never leaves a customer in a fix!


Fidelix Maintenance

Hotline office hours 8:00-16:00 (no SMS)

Submit a maintenance request via the form that opens from this link:

Logging into the Fidelix Tarmo service request processing

For property managers and partners, requires access codes.

“Anticipate the future and minimize the risks of building technology.”