We are a successful Finnish supplier of building automation systems and have a strong regional service network.

Fidelix Ltd was founded in 2002 to develop and perform contract work on intelligent and reliable building automation and safety systems. Over the years, our advanced innovations have helped us to grow into one of the largest companies in the sector in Finland.

Fidelix Ltd’s headquarters, product development and production units are located in Vantaa. We have 11 regional offices and around 40 retailers in Finland. Fidelix has a subsidiary in Sweden.

In addition to Sweden, Fidelix exports its products to countries such as Norway, India, Great Britain, the Baltic countries, South Korea, China, the Middle East and Russia.

Fidelix currently employs approx. 300 people in its main market area. In 2019, turnover is EUR 40 million.

We help to make buildings better

Fidelix customers include municipalities, cities, construction companies, property owners, property managers, building technology contractors, electrical designers, retailers – and, naturally, all of we end users who benefit from good air quality, optimal temperatures and just the right kind of lighting at home and in the workplace.

Fidelix is a reliable and cost-effective partner for property owners

We offer affordable and high-quality solutions for developers

We guarantee the best technical features to building technology designers

provides training and support for retailers

Fidelix creates pleasant living and working conditions for end users

We offer rapid service to maintenance companies

Product development

Designed in Finland, valued around the world

Fidelix’s reliable and cost-effective system solution demonstrates the advanced nature of Finnish product development and project know-how. Our expertise and Finnish know-how are flexible and professional.

Product development

Our product development unit operates in Vantaa, which guarantees tailored and customer-oriented solutions – on a very fast schedule if necessary. We actively analyze the market and develop solutions to meet current needs. We have high expertise in building automation technology.

Product development

Our know-how is also valued internationally. We export our products to dozens of countries and our near-term goal is market leadership in the Nordic countries.


Made in Finland

Finnish know-how is highlighted in our handmade systems. Operating in Vantaa, our production guarantees high quality in our products and enables the rapid manufacture of tailored goods.


Domestic production also enables close cooperation between our design and production units. This creates major benefits for product development.


Manufacturing by hand does not mean mere tinkering. In the skilled hands of our production personnel, an outstanding number of components have found a place in Fidelix products: to date, we have used 40,000 circuit boards, 40,000 microprocessors, 120,000 relays, 200,000 microchips and 600,000 I/O points. And we continue to grow continuously!


Building automation contracting based on experience of thousands of projects

Fidelix has a long history of building automation contracting. In Finland, we have been delivering our technology in over 10,000 projects. Our systems can be found in locations such as residential and office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, warehouses, care homes, parking facilities and shopping centers. We can fulfil needs of all scales, for both new construction and renovation sites.


Creating long-term customer value is important to us: we want to play our part in enabling profitable and efficient business for our customers, with our customer-oriented solutions. Project expertise is a particular strength of ours. We remain close to the customer throughout a project and bear responsibility for customer satisfaction across the life cycle of a property.


Expert maintenance for building automation and safety systems

It is important to the functionality of a property that the operating condition of its systems is ensured throughout its life cycle. Expert maintenance prevents problems and minimizes service outages.


Because we have been developing and manufacturing building automation systems since 2002, we know systems and building technology like the back of our hands.


We provide highly professional maintenance for substation, control room and field equipment, and offer on-call services. Fidelix Maintenance will never leave a customer in a fix!

Interested in smart building automation?

We provide service around Finland from our 11 regional offices.


We believe in openness and sustainable solutions.

Our comprehensive and purpose-built solutions guarantee the efficient maintenance and monitoring of building technology. Our experts offer flexible support services and rapid maintenance. The superiority of our products is based on openness and scalability.

We create future jobs by building sustainable solutions. Our goal is profitable growth; we aim to achieve this by implementing our strategic themes: competitiveness, innovation, expertise and efficiency.

In our opinion, the key issue is creating long-term customer value: we aim to offer comprehensive, customer-oriented solutions from the beginning to the end of a property’s life cycle.

This helps our customers to run profitable and efficient businesses.

We are seeking to create a better future. For everyone.

We want to be a pioneer and encourage innovation. Entrepreneurship and efficiency are highlighted in our operations. We are focused on new business areas, new products, support services, new services with added value, and making our sales channels more efficient.

We want to be champions of sustainable development, based on our energy saving services. We create future jobs by building a more sustainable future.

We take care of the job from start to finish and will not leave you in a fix. We will be at your side throughout the entire life cycle of your property. Our expertise and Finnish know-how are flexible and professional. You can challenge us; we always aim at the best possible quality-price ratio for the customer.