On October 30, 2020, Fidelix has purchased all shares of Säätölaitehuolto. Säätölaitehuolto is a leading provider of building services to residential properties in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Fidelix is a pioneer in building automation and indoor climate management.

Residential properties are digitizing at a rapid pace and building automation plays a significant role in optimizing the indoor climate conditions and energy costs of residential buildings. The technology allows cost optimization without sacrificing indoor conditions. As technology in the buildings increases, so does the importance of service and customer service.

“Säätölaitehuolto has almost 50 years of experience in solving the challenges of residents, maintenance and residential building owners and we have an excellent reputation. We have been working with Fidelix for almost two decades and are excited to have this opportunity to be part of Fidelix“, says Tomi Silvonen CEO of Säätölaitehuolto. .

“The expertise of Säätölaitehuolto and Fidelix complement and reinforce each other to better serve residential building owners and property maintenance. Together, we are even stronger to improve the indoor climate and save energy in residential buildings.” says Tero Kosunen CEO of Fidelix..

The pro forma net sales of the Fidelix Group are approx. 52 MEUR and the group employs more than 350 people.

More Information:

Tero Kosunen, CEO, Fidelix, tel. 050 444 1200

Tomi Silvonen, CEO, Säätölaitehuolto, tel. 044 3636 596

Fidelix is making buildings smart,
Our high expertise in technologies is visible in solutions optimizing buildings energy costs, indoor climate and cost of operations. Our products are developed, tested and working every day in demanding and extreme climate conditions in the Nordics and positively affect the wellbeing of over one million people.